Please consider becoming involved with your association and join a committee. We are here to help you further your career. Getting involved in a committee helps you to better understand the real estate industry and give back to your community. We hope you find the perfect committee for you to join. If you are interested please email us at [email protected] or call our office at 215-956-9176.    

The Commercial Committee will:

  1. Educate and inform members on topics specific to the commercial practice of real estate.

The  Communications and Technology Committee will:

  1. Screen and evaluate new technologies;
  2. Evaluate current technology platforms offered as member benefits                                                               
  3. Train members on all technology platforms used in the real estate transaction. 
  4. Educate members on the benefits and risks of new technologies, with emphasis on cyber-security          
  5. Work in conjunction with staff to develop, deliver and evaluate all communications modes and messages;
  6. Clarify to our members the 3-way agreement between BCAR, PAR and NAR;
  7. Utilize NAR and PAR grants to highlight the role of the Realtor® within the community;
  8. In conjunction with the Reach Out Committee, evaluate all community and consumer outreach/communications efforts;
  9. Create a dynamic feedback system to engage and receive input from the public and our members. 

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee will:                                                                      

  1. Seek to expand the knowledge and sensitivity of REALTORS® to diversity and inclusiveness issues;
  2. Offer education about Fair Housing, cultural sensitivity and the international market;
  3. Encourage association leadership among the diverse members of BCAR.

The Education Committee will:

  1. Support the mission of the Bucks County Real Estate Institute (association school);
  2. Seek the collaboration of the Bucks County Real Estate Institute on all training and educational endeavors; 
  3. Expand access to training (and the number of locations where it is delivered);                                                      
  4. Develop and deliver a new, robust "Best Practices" training program designed to increase the professionalism of new members.

The Member Services and Planning Committee will:                             

  1. Seek relevant information on future trends and opportunities;
  2. Conduct ongoing analysis to engage in strategic thinking;
  3. Identify and support future BCAR leaders;
  4. Develop and implement a leadership recruitment and training program;
  5. Develop a strategy and incentive plan for committee service;
  6. Require NAR's leadership 100 online course of all incoming directors and committee members
  7. Identify and evaluate all current and potential member benefits and BCAR committees, programs and events. 
  8. Oversee BCAR Committees in order to ensure compliance with the strategic plan and the budget.  
  9. Develop a conduit for staff and leadership to funnel new ideas to the committee

The New Member Success Committee will:

        A. Assist new members by providing them with education and resources to help them succeed.

The Reach Out Committee will:

  1. Evaluate all community outreach and communications efforts;
  2. Assist in meeting the Core Standards requirements of NAR with regard to community outreach;
  3. Support non-profit, charitable organizations and events with a housing and shelter-focus, in order to enrich the quality of life and support the human need of the Bucks County Community.

The RPAC Committee will:

  1. Support candidates for election to local, state and national office;
  2. Evaluate, develop and implement effective RPAC fundraising methods, including NAR RPAC Fundraising Grant opportunities;
  3. Recommend to the Board a minimum RPAC investment of $2500 in the BCAR annual budget;







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