Supra Training Resources

Sometimes we need a little assistance in understanding how to use a product or service.

The SUPRA® eKEY® Customer Support Resource Page is here to do just that.

Once on the resource page, you will find additional information by scrolling down to the document icon. 

Some examples of additional resources are:

  • eKEY Quick Guide
  • eKEY Basic Refresh Guide
  • eKEY Professional Refresh Guide
  • eKEY User Manual
  • eKEY Error Codes

Short concise training videos on the use of the SUPRA® eKEY® product and features can be found on this page as well. Simply scroll down the page to the video icon. 

Some examples of videos available are:

  • My Keyboxes - Edit Keybox Data
  • Obtain Key and Open Shackle
  • One-Day PIN Code (Members eKEY)
  • Using the Apple Watch with the Supra eKEY app
  • Showing Notifications
  • Create Real-Time Showing Notes

How to open an eKEY®  box


How to set the agent safety alert in the eKEY®  app


How to Set up an Agent Safety Alert

Agent Alert is a convenient feature built into Supra’s keys, providing peace of mind for agents anywhere they carry their Supra wireless key. With the press of a button, agents have a simple and discreet method to send an alert message to priority contacts. The message and up to three contacts are set up in advance. Holding the alert button automatically sends the message to the contacts.

Instructions here.


How to obtain an Authorization Code

Click here for directions to obtain an authorization code if you get a new phone or have to reinstall the app.

(Insert Youtube video)

(This only applies to members who already have activated their Supra eKEY® service.)


How to manage your payment

Once activated, eKEY users can manage their account information and make payments directly in the eKEY app.  Click here for instructions.


Still need help?  Contact Supra support at 877-699-6787.



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