License Reciprocity PA & NJ


Pennsylvania licensees wanting to become licensed in New Jersey:

First Option:

  • Go to New Jersey and take the 75 hour pre-licensure course and follow the normal procedures for licensure.

      This includes:

  • Attending all classes
  • Passing a school final examination
  • Passing the State examination (Candidates must pass both portions of exam simultaneously, this includes state and national)

Second Option:

  • Take 15 hours of a broker pre-licensure course in Pennsylvania at a school approved by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission.
  • Complete a New Jersey Salesperson Waiver Application
  •  Submit a current Certificate of Licensure from the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission (Click here for the PALS site to obtain the certificate.)
  •  Attach a transcript certifying to the successful completion of the 15-hour Broker course (transcripts must state that these credits would be applied towards the broker credits required in Pennsylvania
  • Submit a money order or certified check for $25.00 (non-refundable processing fee)

If your application is approved, you will be issued a Certificate of Eligibility which you must present to the test site center supervisor at the time of examination. 

Please note: The exam you must take for New Jersey is a combined exam with a total of 110 questions on national and state level.

For more information call the NJ Real Estate Education Bureau at 609-292-7272 ext. 50596 or

New Jersey Real Estate Commission


Licensees wanting reciprocity to become licensed in Pennsylvania

  • RECIPROCAL STATES - The PA Real Estate Commission has a reciprocity agreement with Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, and West Virginia only. Reciprocity Information

            PA Real Estate Commission- PA Reciprocal Licensing  

  • Applicants who currently are licensed in a state other than the reciprocal states (or have held a license in the last five years) must complete the state-specific portion of the exam and provide proof of the other licensure when completing the License Application. They also must submit a Criminal History Record Information Report from the state where the applicant resides. For more information and appropriate application forms click here

Any additional questions or concerns please email [email protected] 





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