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Additional Information

Pennsylvania Salesperson Licensees

  • Existing Salesperson Licensees are required to take 14 hours of continuing education by 5/31/22 (even years).
    • If you were licensed after 12/1/19 you are required to take the mandatory required CE classes.
    • Anyone licensed after 12/1/21 won’t take CE for this cycle. (per regulations PA Code Subchapter H 35.383.)
    • If licensed prior to 12/1/19 you must take 14 hours of approved PA CE.
  • BCREI does not report continuing education to the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission.  Once all course requirements are completed, you will be issued a Course Completion Certificate/Transcript for the course. The Real Estate Commission requires the licensee to maintain the transcripts from each continuing education class taken. The Real Estate Commission may require you to produce the transcripts in order to prove attendance. BCREI does maintain a database of transcripts, but encourages students to keep separate records as well.
  • RECIPROCAL STATES - The PA Real Estate Commission has a reciprocity agreement with Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, and West Virginia only. Reciprocity Information
  • Applicants who currently are licensed in a state other than the reciprocal states (or have held a license in the last five years) must complete the state-specific portion of the exam and provide proof of the other licensure when completing the License Application. They also must submit a Criminal History Record Information Report from the state where the applicant resides. For more information and appropriate application forms click here


  • Certified General Appraisers, Certified Residential Appraisers and Real Estate Broker/Appraisers must take 28 hours of continuing education by 6/30 of every odd-numbered year for license renewal. For more information

 Pennsylvania licensees wanting to become licensed in New Jersey:

First Option:

  • Go to New Jersey and take the 75 hour pre-licensure course and follow the normal procedures for licensure.

      This includes:

  • Attending all classes
  • Passing a school final examination
  • Passing the State examination (Candidates must pass both portions of exam simultaneously, this includes state and national)

Second Option:

  • Take 15 hours of a broker pre-licensure course in Pennsylvania at a school approved by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission.
  • Complete a New Jersey Salesperson Waiver Application
  •  Submit a current Certificate of Licensure from the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission  (Click here for the PALS site to obtain the certificate.)
  •  Attached a transcript certifying to the successful completion of the 15 hour Broker course (transcripts must state that these credits would be applied towards the broker credits required in Pennsylvania
  • Submit a money order or certified check for $25.00 (non-refundable processing fee)

If your application is approved, you will be issued a Certificate of Eligibility which you must present to the test site center supervisor at the time of examination. 

Please note: The exam you must take for New Jersey is a combined exam with a total of 110 questions on national and state level.

For more information call the NJ Real Estate Education Bureau at 609-292-7272 ext. 50596 or www.dobi.nj.gov

New Jersey Real Estate Commission

Any additional questions or concerns please email school@bucksrealtor.com 



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