Membership Application FAQ's

What is the REALTOR® membership process?

Fill out an online membership application…”REALTOR®” if you have a salesperson or associate broker license or “Designated REALTOR®” if you are the broker of record. You will be emailed an invoice for the membership fees and information on how to pay the fees online through our website.

What is the difference between REALTOR® and Designated REALTOR®?

REALTOR® members have an associate broker or salesperson’s real estate licenses. Designated REALTOR® has a broker’s license and is the person responsible for a real estate office.

I’m a licensed appraiser, what kind of membership do I apply for?

A licensed appraiser would apply for Designated REALTOR® membership.

I’m not licensed in real estate; can I still be a member?

Affiliate membership is available for individuals who provide a real estate-related service. Our affiliate resources page outlines member benefits.

How much time do I have to complete the orientation course?

You have six months from the date of your membership application to complete the orientation course or take a code of ethics class. If you do not fulfill that requirement within six months, you will need to fill out a new membership application.

If I have taken the orientation at another association, will BCAR’s be waived?

If you provide documentation that you have completed the orientation course with another Association/Board of REALTORS® you will be exempt from attending our orientation course.

What is secondary membership?

Secondary members hold primary membership with another association. They would not pay NAR or PAR dues more than once. If their primary membership isn’t with an association within Pennsylvania, they would have the option to join the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®.

What is PAR & NAR?

“PAR” is the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®. Their website is “NAR” is the National Association of REALTORS®. Their websites are and As a REALTOR® or Designated REALTOR® primary member of BCAR you are also a member of the Pennsylvania and National Associations of REALTORS®.

What should I do if I change offices, email address or home address?

Contact Kelly Wenhold, Director of Member Services, at BCAR Headquarters by email [email protected] or 215-956-9176, Extension 107 , with your changes.

If my broker is a BCAR member, do I have to join?

First, you would need to check with your broker and/or office manager to see what their office/franchise policy is. Some offices and franchises require that licensees affiliated with them must join as REALTOR® members. Otherwise, if you are a licensee with a member office, you have two choices.

1- REALTOR® Membership - Join as a REALTOR® member by filling out a membership application, pay BCAR application fee, PAR Capital Investment Fee and membership dues. You will then need to attend the orientation course.

2- Non-Member - Pay association fees to BCAR, PAR & NAR. Non-members would not fill out a membership application nor attend the orientation course. They would not be allowed to use the term REALTOR® or the “R” logo on any of their correspondence, signs, business cards, etc. and wouldn’t receive member benefits.

When are annual membership dues payable?

Membership dues bill are emailed out in September and are payable by January 1 of each year. If they are not paid in full by January 31, you will be charged a $50 late fee.

What does BCAR do for me as a member?

Please go to our Member Benefits page available online.

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