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SUPRAŽ Electronic Lockbox System Rules and Regulations


The SUPRA® Electronic Lockbox System (system) offered by the Bucks County Association of Realtors® (BCAR) is a member benefit activity of the association.  The following rules and regulations are set forth to provide for the efficient and safe use of the system.

  1. Eligibility
    1. All Realtor®, Designated Realtor® and Certified Appraiser members in good standing of the Bucks County Association of Realtors® shall be eligible to seek use (lease) of the system.
    2. All Affiliate members in good standing shall be eligible to seek use of the system under the terms specific to them, enumerated below.
      1. Affiliate members in good standing who are actively engaged in a recognized field of real estate practice or a related field may seek use of the system. Affiliate members must also be either licensed in their field or hold verifiable professional standing in their field in order to seek use of the system. In addition, the principal, partner or corporate officer of the Affiliate user’s firm must consent to their use of the system.
    3. Users are entitled to ONE lease per user.
    4. BCAR may refuse to provide the system, terminate existing lease and refuse to activate a key of anyone convicted of a crime in the past seven (7) years which may put clients, customers, other real estate professionals, or property at risk.
  2. System
    1. The SUPRA® system offered by BCAR consists of an electronic keyholder lockbox and an e-Key application.
    2. The system is maintained by SUPRA® and administered by the staff of BCAR.
    3. Billing is direct from SUPRA® to the user and a current list of pricing and fees is available from staff.
    4. Lockboxes are the property of BCAR and are leased to the user by SUPRA®.
    5. The e-Key application is also leased to the user.
  • Seller authority required
    1. Lockboxes may not be placed on a property without written authority from the seller. This authority may be established in the listing contract or any other written document. Inclusion in MLS compilations cannot be required as a condition of placing lockboxes on the listed property.
  1. Security
    1. User will not allow use of the system under any circumstances by anyone other than self.
      1. User will not allow the PIN for the E-Key to be displayed on or attached to the device used as an E-Key, or disclose the PIN to any third party.
      2. User will not loan or otherwise transfer the E-Key service to any other person or entity.
  • User will not assign, transfer or pledge the E-Key
  1. User will not destroy, alter, modify or tamper with the E-Key service or knowingly allow anyone else to do so.
  2. User will not use the E-Key to access an electronic lockbox without first seeking access from the listing broker office and receiving permission for a showing/appointment.
  3. Users gaining access on terms other than these are subject to possible fine and loss of usage privileges. Violators of these rules may also be found in violation of the Code of Ethics, Article I, Standard of Practice 1-6 or Article 3, Standard of Practice 3-9.

    These Rules and Regulations are published within the Policies and Procedures of the Bucks County Association of Realtors® and may be amended at any time.


Consent to Rules and Regulations for Use of SUPRA® Electronic Lockbox System

I have read, understand and agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations listed above.  I further understand that I am responsible for the proper use of the system and I understand that the failure to meet these requirements may result in the following fines or complete loss of key privileges:

  1. First offense = Fine of $250
  2. Second offense = Fine of $750

I also agree to be bound by the terms of the system lease agreement I have entered into with SUPRA®, incorporated by reference herein.

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